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Concept + Brand Identity + Graphic design


To design a new concept of a bar, which will replace recent, not too successful story of a restaurant at this location. In addition to giving the name and identity, it is necessary to divide the bar into thematic areas, organise internal labelling and advice on the offer.


Accessible offer of food, drinks and entertainment in one place. The lounge, where so-called street food is served during the day, in the evening turns into a party place where music is selected by successful DJs. It is also possible to smoke a cigarette in a specially designed smoking room. The bar is also intended for a large number of young tourists, where they can get useful information about social events in Ljubljana as well as in Slovenia. Central station has its own radio station taking care of good music vibrations during the day as well as in the evening. Central station, Start here.

KD & AD / Marko Miladinović
D / Darko Miladinović