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Branding + Graphic Design


To design a new brand of self service ice-cream parlour on Cankarjeva Street in the centre of Ljubljana. Beside brand and visual identity, to design carrying packaging and graphics in the interior of ice-cream parlour.


The name "Grefino" seems to be a good solution because it is the anagram of words "Gre" (Goes) "Fino" (Delicious) which well describes the product itself, because it is a liquid ice-cream. At the same time, the solution proves to be already established Italian brand. Graphic solution is simple and tries to distance itself from notably bright coloured images representing the sweet segment. Simple graphic solution in just one colour in a nice way highlights the essence of the offer. Ice-cream and a wide variety of frostings.

CD / Marko Miladinović
AD & D / Darko Miladinović