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Branding + Design


In the leading media house POP TV, to design an image of a restaurant which should be special and original because of its position as well as due to expectations because behind this restaurant stand already established caterers, who are at the same time the main heroes of blockbuster Šiška Deluxe.


For such a profile of experienced gang of hotshots and professionals in their own business, the selection of name is a difficult task. Better put, a big challenge. The name “Majmun” is simply the softest form of the name that comes to mind. With this, in addition to the initial provocation, we wanted to encourage a discussion of what it means. Is "majmun" something good, evil, dangerous?
From our point of view it is something that sounds nice. “Hello, where are you?” “At Majmun's.” “I'll be right there.”

CD / Marko Miladinović
AD & D / Darko Miladinović