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Brand identity + Graphic design


The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities issues a public competition to design a visual image of the project »Let's balance gender power relations.« The conceptual solution should comprise of the design of a logo representing the area of gender equality in general and the creation of eight images for individual subject fields.


In our solution, we purposely avoided consistently and universally recognizable iconography which indicates the gender. In the foreground, we place the human with his/her knowledge and personality regardless of the gender. The gender is of the secondary importance because the division itself is the problematic issue. The differences between the genders do exist, but we think that they should not be communicated. The fundamental building block of the sign is thus iconographic depiction of an individual - the human being not determined by the gender but by his/her equal presence in the society. In such a way we address the society that has to raise its awareness.

KD / Marko Miladinović
AD & D / Darko Miladinović
Project leader: Nataša Radosavljević